Category: Portraits
Dear winter…

My dear winter, I watch you from far away, I see how you step decided on the rambling ways from sky highers. You are smiling me with your thievish look, you look for a path through me, you hug me with your cold arms but I keep the warm and the color hidden behind every […]

The courage to be alone!

When my girls have problems which emotionally affect them, I try to find the proper solutions. I explain them the real problem through various methods, I play some roles, or we discuss honestly that situation, or I compose songs with suitable lyrics, or I make stories, or I draw them (more abstract this method). I […]

The grown up child…

One week ago I faced a beautiful challenge, a photo-shooting with a boy… since I mostly work with girls, every male presence in front of my camera it is an exciting moment as challenging as well. But, I think I did quite well and Abel did it perfect. The message behind those pictures is: “the […]