Category: Colours of Life

Everything started two months ago when we visited Ion Creanga´s (Romanian author) shanty in Iasi. The guide was showing us his bedroom and at some point, he looked straight at Dorothy and said: “Look, here, there is the exact place where Ion Creanga wrote The Goat and her three kids…and right here the young kid […]

The princess and I…

Another story for my beloved daughters. Why with a princess? Let’s say it’s a trend topic.  😛 Actually I wanted to focus their attention on the fact that every girl can be a princess by enjoying the little things and be happy with lessons life puts ahead of you. You do not need a colossal […]

A perfumed story…

When you have two little frisky girls who want to use your cosmetic products, it is necessary these to be qualitative and naturals, so you may eliminate a worry, because the life has to be beautiful and less worries. We use Adal products from almost one year and we didn’t get tired of them. When Cireșica […]

Little Red Riding Hood

Why the Little Red Riding Hood? Because I liked the name and I still like it, I always hear about this story and my girls wanted to put on stage this story. I didn’t want the original version because of the sadist details, my opinion, I agree the fantasy but it has to be useful […]

The courage to be alone!

When my girls have problems which emotionally affect them, I try to find the proper solutions. I explain them the real problem through various methods, I play some roles, or we discuss honestly that situation, or I compose songs with suitable lyrics, or I make stories, or I draw them (more abstract this method). I […]