Everything started two months ago when we visited Ion Creanga´s (Romanian author) shanty in Iasi. The guide was showing us his bedroom and at some point, he looked straight at Dorothy and said: “Look, here, there is the exact place where Ion Creanga wrote The Goat and her three kids…and right here the young kid hid himself”- Dorothy was
smiling, and she was looking without saying a word whether she knew what the guide was talking about or not. We left
the place and questions started to pour. “How does the story go, why did the kid hide?” I told her that I would
tell her the story one day. I thought about the fable, I read it hundred times, I analyzed it…and you will see the
result down below.
It is not a perfect fable at all. When I was editing the pictures I was telling myself “this could be like this or like that” yet the most important for me was the story to have an optimistic message, I did not want them to be scared, I wanted them to have a critic mind and ask why this way and not the other. I think I reached my goal telling my side of this story; I am already working on the garments of Red Riding Hood. My girls did not know the story when the photo shoot took place, the great unknown for them. While I was taking the pictures I shared with them just the actions they had to act, but not the narrator part.
I have to mention this is not the original version of our beloved writer Creanga, but an adaptation that´s more appropriate for us, for them, for the values and principles I want them to have and share with the world. When I was younger I had a similar experience along with my younger brothers. What saved us was my big brother´s wise mind who decided to analyze the voice at the other side of the door, was not at all familiar so we did not open the door.
I cannot conceive why Creanga chose that negative and cruel style, I can say, in order to teach the kids from back then the importance of being responsible. I choose a different style of teaching, even though it might be compliant with another style different from the one learnt in the family niche. One of the biggest values I strongly believe in it that kids learn the best by playing, and they learn things
that will have a major impact on their future.
So let´s start, you are going to read and watch the pictures. In our story there are only two kids, Creanga wrote about three and Grimm Brothers about seven of them. I really hope you will enjoy it and most of all that it will wipe away the fears kids had been gathering in their soul or better said, to help them to overcome those with impetus.

                                                                                       The gout and her three kids

Once upon a time, there was a goat that had three kids with growing horns. A courageous widow, who loved taking care of her house, once out of the woods, she walked with a new lease towards the path leading directly to her house full of joyful voices that filled the hill with mirth. 

Was the day gloomy or sunny the goat mum kept knitting on the porch, being fascinated by the happiness and curiosity of her little kids. She loved being liable at any moment for whatever weather appeared.

One day, she had to leave on a quest for food but before called out her little kids: “my dears, I´ll go into the woods so I can bring something for supper. Please lock up the door and do not even think about opening if you do not hear the sound of my voice. Once I am back, I will be

singing like this”:
“Three kids with growing horns, open the door for your mother!
Because mother is bringing you leaves on her lips,
Milk in her teats, a ball of salt on her back,

Cornmeal on her heel,

A tuft of flowers in her armpits.”
“Have you listened to, my dears? I trust you!” The goat

“No worries mummy, we will be careful and waiting for you to come back!” The older kids said.
” Go and come back safe and sound!” The little kid said,with a saddened voice nevertheless.

The goat mum left rapidly thinking of coming back as soon as possible.

No later did the kids lock up the doors and got back to their playing.

As the saying says; “Sometimes even the walls have ears”. So just right behind the house the goat´s friend, the wolf, was listening carefully and waiting for the right moment to snare the kids. 

Right after the Goat left, he sneaks in front of the door and starts singing:
“Three kids with growing horns open the door for your mother!
Because mother is bringing you: leaves on her lips,
Milk in her teats a ball of salt on her back,
Cornmeal on her heel,
A tuft of flowers In her armpits”
“Come on, my dears, hurry up, and open the door for me!”
The wolf said, with a hoarse voice.

The Little one, still missing his mum, jumped quickly believing it was her, yet the old ones knew exactly the sound of their mum´s voice. She has been singing lullabies for them since the moment they were born.
“That´s not mummy´s voice, it is too low!” The old one said.

Having heard this too, he went right away so he could get his voice ready and made it the most similar to the goat´s. He got back hurried and hopeful, even hungrier.
“Three kids with growing horns, open the door for your mother!
Because mother is bringing you leaves on her lips,
Milk in her teats a ball of salt on her back,
Cornmeal on her heel,
A tuft of flowers in her armpits.”
“My dears hurry up, open the door! The wolf impatiently said.

This time, were all of them listening carefully and thinking about what they should do next. They hurried up to the window, scared as they were, did not open the door.


Not even this time did the wolf succeed; the reasoning was way much stronger than the longing. He left disappointed and thinking of the day when meanness would succeed. The good days shows itself from the dawn. The adult shapes himself from childhood time; you learn how to think so you learn how to live!

A while later the goat’s sweet voice was to be heard as she was approaching home:

“Three kids with growing horns, open the door for your mother!
Because mother is bringing you leaves on her lips,
Milk in her teats a ball of salt on her back, Cornmeal on her heel, A tuft of flowers in her armpits.”

Open the door my darlings, Mummy is back!

They hurried up over to the window and saw the countenance of their sweet mum´s voice uttering their salvation song. 

They told their mum everything that has just happened and huge was her astonishment. 

Oh, mummy, you are not gonna believe this. Right after you left one-course voice started to utter your singing asking us to open the door but we did not. He came again, singing with a higher voice. We rushed to the window and oh mummy, it was the wolf, your friend, we frightened and did not open!

Oh, he swore he would never scare my kids! He knows I am a widow and want to taunt my house. The goat was really angered. 

The next day she went into the woods to look for him.

“Good morning my friend! What wind did bring you around?” The wolf asked in awe.

“May your heart be kind and honest, my friend! So I heard you were wandering around my house, because of starving I guess…”

“Hmm, me…well, yes, I wanted to chat for a while like friends do, you know…”

“Yes, I know. Because you did not want to hurt my kids by any means, right? You swore, on your dusty fur. “The goat replied really mad at his daring gesture.

“Here, you may have a little bread so you do not starve. Do not dare to touch my kids. Because I am a goat now speaking to you but I am a lioness if you ever touch my kids. “The goat said angered and confident.

“Of course my friend, I know… “The goat´s look got him so scared that he completely forgot about wanting to eat her kids.

Gulp, Gulp! The wolf was swallowing the homemade and hot bread trying to avoid the goat´s look at any cost.

The evening came. The little kids were walking next to their mum and were warningly listening to her teachings. 

The previous happenings remained in their memory like an echo and reminded them to think first before doing anything.

“Well, my dear kids, I am so proud of you! Never forget, you learn from your good deeds and you grow from your own mistakes!”

Since this is a wrap of a tale, now I can say: So the bridge was mended and my story ended!

At the end of the photoshoot, Dorothy asked me: “What did the kids from Creanga´s version do?

Me: What do you think?

Dorothy: They opened the door

Me: Yes, Creanga wanted it so

Dorothy:  That´s why the youngest kid hid…

Me: Yes, Everyone makes their own decision, what did you choose?

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