The princess and I…

Another story for my beloved daughters. Why with a princess? Let’s say it’s a trend topic.  😛 Actually I wanted to focus their attention on the fact that every girl can be a princess by enjoying the little things and be happy with lessons life puts ahead of you. You do not need a colossal palace, a pompous dress or parents that all they care about is appearances. You rather need to go beyond your limits and giving you the most important aspect of them all-time well-spent with your beloved ones. I wanted to highlight the presence of the father since his presence in a girl’s childhood defines the feminine manners of a girl. So does the mum with the manhood of the boy (I could keep talking about this topic on and on, but I will save it for another story).

Special thanks to Toni, who warmly welcomed us in the big mansion Nicolae Balcescu, where we had the chance to feel the palace atmosphere!

And of course, thanks to Adelina for the beautiful and medieval dress!

                                                                    The princess and I

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Shelomi, living happily in her innocent child´s world, leaving her worries in her daddy´s hands and grasping the simple happiness of a life that daily caressed her face. She knew very well how the rays of love were like, and she used to open herself as a flower and absorb them. Her heart had learned by then the hope song, even if the fog blurred the horizon from time to time. Her dad, in his own special way, contributed at briding all those remarkable qualities. He was always ready to face all life responsibilities of an adult so he could buy enough time to spend with his daughter. The fight was not easy, because sometimes in life each responsibility demands its right with interest but…he had developed the ability to tell the essentials in life from the ones that were optional.

  One day, Shelomi left the house all by herself for a stroll. And so she found a beautiful house and a girl having a walk through the garden accompanied by a woman. Curious as she was, hid behind a tree so she could watch them further. While munching her piece of bread, she was mesmerized by the exceptional dress the girl was wearing.
Wow! What a beautiful dress, but..why does that woman walk behind her? Shelomi asked herself.

All of a sudden, the girl in the beautiful dress saw her and started walking towards her:

“Who are you? How did you get here?” She asked her with a peaceful voice.


Hmmm, I am Shelomi and…I found this place by chance while I was having a stroll in the
woods…and…who are you?
“My name is Dorothy and she is Ms Helen. She takes care of me.”

 “Why is she taking care of you? Haven´t you got parents?” Shelomi asked surprised

“I´ve got parents, but I am a princess and they are busy with the palace all the time. I am here
spending my holidays, .Would you join us for a walk?”
“Yes, of course.” Shelomi replied delightedly

Dorothy was excited about reading her book out loud for the girl and wandering by her side through the beautiful garden of the mansion. They entered the house, where Ms Helen offered them delicious muffins. Afterwards, Dorothy played the piano for Shelomi and showed her the mansion inside. Shelomi enjoyed in her own natural way every tiny detail and
moment that she spent in that big house, full of satisfaction. She admired Dorothy´s presence with honesty and delightness.

Time flew by and the farewell moment came, but Dorothy being impressed by Shelomi´s natural manners, promised to visit her the next day. Even though Shelomi seemed to be quite a normal girl, her little body with kinky hair made Dorothy want to get to know her mysterious world.
Next day both girls met again. Dorothy´s face depicted a princess attitude and palace manners that she left behind without even noticing shortly after they met. Gladly, Shelomi introduced her into her life „palace”, where her dad was the one taking care of her with carefulness and optimism. Under a bloom branches of an apple tree, her dad was reading and
bestrewing innocent jokes, and their laughters were bubbly sliding down. 

They danced under his sight full of admiration that strengthened the happiness in the girls hearts. 

They run up the green hill with magic grass where her dad was carrying their dreams on board of the joy´s
plane. He supported and encouraged their childhood, fortifying in them the certainty feeling like a fortress on a high mountain.

The swing, under the wonderful smell of the flowers, brought the caress of the sun rays closer. Their bodies and souls were full of charm and fineness, and they were feeling loved. They enjoyed themselves sitting on a tree branch, and having deep conversations originated in the pure spring of their innocent childhood. That day Shelomi showed her how to wash her babies clothes and they did it together, hanging the laundry to dry in the spring breeze later on.

Before leaving Dorothy made Shelomi a crown of flowers that the sun turned into gemstones with its rays.

She gifted it to her friend with gratitude and fondness, letting her know the following:

“This is the most precious crown that you will ever put on your head, and it will keep you always authentic, unique and different. You are a genuine princess, free of all those cold rules that you just need to obey for the sake of the appearance. You are a happy princess that gathers all the disheartened tears and transform them into colourful flowers. You are the princess that always overcomes the problems that might be encountered along the way with courage and you will always call for the sun even though the clouds are too dark and do not let it be seen. You are your father´s princess and you are wonderful!”

“This was one of those days that I will always keep in my heart like the spring that enliven a traveller´s way through the Sahara desert. Thank you!” Dorothy said moved


Thank you too, these days spent with you have been wonderful and I have learned that time can stand still while moving!” Shelomi added laughing.

They stayed friends and from that moment on, the letters became their mean for keeping and sharing that beautiful friendship.

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