A perfumed story…

When you have two little frisky girls who want to use your cosmetic products, it is necessary these to be qualitative and naturals, so you may eliminate a worry, because the life has to be beautiful and less worries. We use Adal products from almost one year and we didn’t get tired of them. When Cireșica wrote me: “I want pictures, too”, it wasn’t difficult for me to answer, because her products were part of our life. From that moment the scenes were playing in my mind, like the story images from my childhood on the old film slides. I described the scenes to my girls and they answered delighted, because funny moments were coming… so we did it.

When I was a child I frequently took my mother’s lipstick to use it in a hidden place and I didn’t know why it is forbidden, but now Sheli may happily use my lipstick whenever she wants and with no restrictions and undisturbed.

Dorothy likes very much to use my face cream whenever I use it and why I should refuse her, any girl has to take care of herself, as natural and discreet as she can do, so…

The most playful time was with the soap, the Adal soaps are naturals, perfumed, colorful and they make a lot of foam.

Sheli doesn’t like her hair to be washed, but to wash her sister’s hair is a pleasure and the Adal shampoo is foamy and Dorothy’s long hair enhance the foam and Sheli’s pleasure to play with.  Ciresica made also an oil for hair witch makes the hair easy to comb without sorrowing. Used in adequate quantities let the hair perfumed and unoily. If it happens to use more it is absorbed by night, we use it after the bath on the hair’s tips.

From Adal, too, we use the tooth powder witch does not scratch the tooth enamel and it cleans very well. Sometimes we put the powder on the tooth paste otherwise only the powder. It can be put on the brush or on the finger, like our grandparents or if it happens to be a guest and you forgot the tooth brush and you don’t want to use the guest brush :-)))….

But more funny for children and not only are the effervescent bath balls, colored and perfumed. I tried many different scenes but I kept only when Sheli played with them in a wood vat. All the room was perfumed with them.

All the products I presented and took photos of are used by all the family without opposite effects.

Thank you Cireșica  for your credit and for the joy we have to spoil with your delicate products.

Thank you Mr. Szőke Tibor who made the beautiful bath tub.

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