Little Red Riding Hood

Why the Little Red Riding Hood? Because I liked the name and I still like it, I always hear about this story and my girls wanted to put on stage this story. I didn’t want the original version because of the sadist details, my opinion, I agree the fantasy but it has to be useful and practical. I have read some variations of this story, every writer has his variation, I watched the cartoon and the movie Little Red Riding Hood. In my own point of view, the movie is for adults only, I don’t recommend it for children, it is a psychological movie and the scenes are frightening.

If it is fantasy, in the mother’s role is Dorothy, our grandmother is a modern and young one :-)) but in the father’s role is the girls father, he and the little girl are the real characters of our story.

The feminine characters clothes are made by Adelania whom I am very thankful.

The delicious tart was made by Raluca Blăjan , prepared in her magic oven.

Our host was again Muzeul Satului Vâlcean (The Village Museum of Valcea).

I thank my family and my sister for their amusement and happy mood that we had during the photo shooting for this story!

Enjoy the reading!

                                                      The Little Red Riding Hood

              Once upon a time there was a little frolicsome girl with inquisitive and jolly glitters in her eyes. She was loved by her parents, by her friends and mostly by her grandmother. The cheerfulness and the optimism were paths where she was walking on every day getting away the insignificant anguishes witch appears unavoidable around her.  

One day, as a sign of admiration, the grand mother offered the little girl a red riding cloak. This red riding cloak became the most worn dressing accessory by the girl, so the parents, friends and everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood. 

Her widow grandmother was the kind teacher who embellished the girl’s childhood. The grandmother was the one who taught her to sew, to read beyond the appearance, the grandmother had opened the imagination boundaries through drawing and a lot of playing. If something could not be seen with the eyes, the grandma had the adequate lens to get into the small corners of the nature.

The cold autumn came and grandma got sick, their moments together were shorter and infrequent but always with bells of joy around the house.

It came the day when the girl’s mother was busier with the housework and she could not go to visit the grandmother so she called the girl to her:

“Little Red Riding Hood, I can’t go to the grandmother today but you do, no doubt she is looking forward to seeing you!”

“Yes, sure mommy, I’ll go happily! and she got in her favorite cloak on the instant.

“Take this little basket, I made a raspberry tart, your grandma’s favorite one! said the mother

She took the basket and when she was to leave, at the gate, the mother added:

“Please, go to the grandmother with no slowness and don’t talk with the wolf!”

The girl went happily with vivacity and those guidance words echo in her mind.  

In the wood, she was looking around her with curiosity at every tree and she was listening the birds chirping like she wanted to understand their warbling discussions.

Suddenly a powerful voice stopped her running thoughts through the trees branches:

“What a beautiful cloak do you have!”

The girl sketched a shy smile with the answer on her lips but … “don’t talk with the wolf” words were ringing in her mind.

She walked straight on the path with her running thoughts and her determined footsteps through the wood leaves witch seemed to encourage her walking on.

“Where are you going so hurried?” the wolf kept on to add with boldness, he knew the curiosity and the naivety soul of the children.

Again the girl’s answers were cramped rolling in her mind and her mother’s words echos were hitting her overwhelmed thoughts.

“I could accompany you to your destination – to walk alone through the wood…. it is boring…. “added the wolf with his sneaky voice.

Unexpectedly the girl’s footsteps stopped and the little determined child body’s voice answered:

“No, I manage it myself!” and then she hurried her footsteps witch have followed the heart beatings, scared by the wolf insistence. The grandmother always encouraged her: “with your fear ahead, my dear, but don’t give up.”

In the surprising wood silence it was heard only the little boots walking through the dried leaves, because all the beings were watching the scene tongue tied by the fear witch was stopped them to take action for.

“It seems a heavy basket for you, such a ginger girl! It is far away the place where you have to get to? Come on, let me help you, you are so sweet!” the wolf kept on saying in its spirit in witch were hidden malicious intentions.

The Little Red Riding Hood didn’t understand the wolf insistence (but not all the things from this world must be understood but all of them need a firm and right attitude), she would like to let her thoughts speaking  but a strongest power than she encouraged her “not turn back”! Her heart beatings were heard louder and louder without really understanding the struggle between those inner forces witch don’t put together in one thought.

In that tense background she didn’t realized that the wood was far behind her like a fortress witch wants to keep only for herself everything happened inside her walls.

She saw the grandmother’s house and with happy hopping steps she got to the door.  

“Knock, knock, knock…”

“Who is it?” asked grandma

“It’s me Little Red Riding Hood, dear grandma!”

“Come in my sweetheart!” the girl’s waited answer came.

The little one jumped in grandmother’s arms, wanted to give vent all her ruffled feelings from her soul witch were expecting the liberation. She related to her grandma in all detail her journey trying to reproduce in words every feeling.

“But Grandma, why are you looking at me with those big eyes?”

“The better to admire your courage little girl!” answered very touched the grandmother.

“But Grandma why are you turning your ear to me?”

“The better to hear your beating heart decided to follow her way to me!” answered the grandmother smiling.

“Oh, Grandma and your mouth…”

“Yeees, it can tells you all my feelings and admiration I have for you, my sweetheart granddaughter!”

“And your arms Grandma, why do you lift them to me?”

“To hug you with all my love for you Little Red Riding Hood!”

After a while the girl’s father came to visit the grandmother and to bring a bunch of logs. They ate all together the tasty tart and Little Red Riding Hood started to relate again her experience from the woods.

Soon came the evening so the father and the girl went gladly back to home. The sounds of their conversations were waking up the birds, they seem to want curiously see their happy faces.

“My little girl, the victory you have had today put another strong brick in your character and this is the COURAGE, it will strengthen more your steps in life’s path, because it is not so important the fear but what do you choose to do with it. I am proud of your choice!

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