The courage to be alone!

When my girls have problems which emotionally affect them, I try to find the proper solutions. I explain them the real problem through various methods, I play some roles, or we discuss honestly that situation, or I compose songs with suitable lyrics, or I make stories, or I draw them (more abstract this method). I try my best to find solutions because this is the best thing, like I always said, the life has the problems but we have the solutions. That came the idea of this story, which my girls wanted to play. Everybody is using the blackmail, the little ones learn from the adults and then they are perpetuating over the years until it becomes a well deep feature of human being character without being aware of its presence, only we enjoy its apparently advantages of its usage.

Now we have the story of Sue and Bella, if sometimes loose our temper and we try to use the blackmail, immediately some of us takes attitude and say: ”It is blackmail, it is not fair, let’s use our brains!”

Enjoy your reading and good luck to be aware of how many times you use the others weaknesses to obtain what you want from them, many times in a selfish purposes!

The courage to be alone!

Bella and Sue were best friends, they were visiting each other to play together. Bella, always was the girl who knows what is good for herself and for others too. She always has told her opinion without being interested about her friend’s desires. For the sake of peace she has always was obeying in a terrible silence.

One day, while they were playing, Bella asked to play the following game:

“Today I will be the miss photographer in a pink dress and you a playful little girl in this pocket dress and red fringes, ok ? “the Bella’s  authority voice resounded.

” Mmm, yes, it is a nice game, but I would like the blue dress….” said in a shy voice Sue.

” No, you will wear this one, otherwise I won’t play with you anymore and you’ll be lonely! said Bella very decided.

Sue was scared to insist, the solitude was frightened her. The thought that she will play with nobody and that she will become a solitary girl with no one to play with, brought her many black scenarios in her mind. She accepted her friend’s rules with bubbling thoughts.

Hidden behind her play role curtain, imposed by Bella, Sue was looking for an answer…

The time passed by, Bella left happily to her home and Sue run away on the hill, she was burdened with her failure sadness, she wanted a release.

How much she wanted to fight till the end, but… the fear was overflowing her body and it seems to push out the submitted words to be uttered, the fear to be alone forced her to give up in front of the others authority. She sat down on a bench, she was looking at the cloudless sky, the late autumn sun rays were tickling her disappointed face and the empty brunches were swinging in the slow breeze of the wind.

Suddenly, a stranger sat near her.

“Good afternoon, miss!”

“Good afternoon, mister!” she barely answered him, interrupted from the monologue of her sincere child soul.

After some silence moments, the stranger voice dared.

“Dear miss, your glance seems to be hidden behind a deep and cold shadow, why are you fearing to smile?”

Sue answered, surprised by the stranger’s observation spirit:

“I am frighten to be alone, I can’t be myself, my ideas seem to bring me the solitude and I prefer to keep them locked inside me… and… I give up…

She told him all happened with her friend feeling again the same emotions but now she was free to externalize them.

“I understand, you are right, it is hard to fight against the trend, it is hard to be different… but only those who are distinguished  understand the pleasure of standing on the wave against the wind, the others are dispelling like foam to the sea shores and then disappear.”

“What is your name?”

“Sue is my name and yours?”

“I am Adrien, nice to meet you! Look at that fir tree, it is green, it is beautiful, it is spoiled by the sun rays an by the wind, but it is alone…did it change the color of its leaves, did it dry himself because of the loneliness?”

“No”, answered shyly the girl.

“What do you think, if I get away the fir tree from this place and I put it in a fir trees forest it will be more green or happier?” calmly asked her the man.

“No sir, you will break its roots and it will dry…”

“Yes, it is true… but you do like this, little miss, you break your roots to run in “the fir trees forest” to not be alone, you give up at what you really are, so… you become sad and unfulfilled. Maybe your friend doesn’t realize that she is hurting you or maybe yes, but you are the only who could take the attitude. This fir tree is happy, it is fulfilled, the solitude helped it to strengthen its roots, from now on it is ready to resist the cold weather and the soon winter wind. It knows that the spring will come, all the trees around him will bloom and it will be happy for every raw green bud and leaf.”

“It is time for me to go, but don’t forget about this little fir tree and about its strength to remain green even if it is the only trough all these dried trees!”

“Good bye, sir and thank you!” answered the little one.


After some days, the girls were together again to play.

They were trying to balance the life and the time…

“Come on, let’s play with the dolls, said Bella. You take the blonde one and I take the brunette one!”

When these directives were heard, Sue flinched, what does she shall do? Her favorite dress is the blue one with the collar and the brunette doll is the most loved present from her mother… how does she tell Bella her opinion?! She hesitated some moments, moments which reminded her the firm touch of the fir tree from that sunny day.

“Bella, for this game, I prefer to wear the blue dress, and the brunette doll was my mother’s when she was little, noe it is mine, it is important for me and I want it to stay with me at this game!” answered the little Sue with self-confidence.

“Nooo, I want the brunette doll or I wont play with you anymore!” responded Bella

The solitude fear came into the little body but… “better on the wave against it than thrown away foam to the shore” she said to herself and…

“Like you desire Bella, but I will wear the blue dress and I play with the brunette doll even if I’ll be alone! You may choose for yourself but not for me, too!”

She was happy, she had the courage to choose till the end. She cheerfully dressed her blue dress and played with her special doll alone. From now on she knew that those are the moments which strengthen her and help her to realize what she really wants for herself.

Did Bella learn the lesson? Did she learn to respect the children around her?

You tell me, because sometimes we may be Bella or Sue….

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