The way to myself…

I have found a wonderful fir trees forest and the day I was planned for a photo shoot brought me a surprise: a walking fog, because it was all come and go … and the sun. I took some pictures without any idea about a story, it was all in a hurry because it was cold. After the selection and the post processing I continued to watch the photos for create a story. I think the result is a good one and useful for those who have got through or go through such moments. It seems to be a difficult story to understand for children, maybe, but what I was determined to write it this way it is the sadness which I often see on the little girls/girls faces that they are not what they want to be and they are frequently confused on the nowhere path. I made this little story with images influenced by the thoughts and the ideas of Jose Ortega Y Gasset – Studies about love and by my thoughts about the life.

The way to myself…

Once upon a time there was a little girl whom sight you could see the sadness like through a window. Her lips were uttering grumbles to anyone who gets in her way.

Many times, installed in her little world, she was glancing around her with confused thoughts and sad words.

This was the reason for, many times, she was solitary. Because even the children are getting away from the unsuitable soul without looking for the real reason which determine this condition. The forsakenness brought her closer to herself like a lonely boat moved by the cold wind to a bleak shore.

”How I got so like a white snowball but frosty, how I got to gather only the frozen dust of the life on my way? she desperately wondered.

In the middle of the foggy forest, hidden at the bottom of an old fir tree, she was looking for an answer.

Suddenly she turned her face like she was looking at her child life meandres which burdened her with a lot of pain.

She grew up like this, surrounded by the adults griefs, they didn’t know to enjoy for the green leaves and for the colored flowers and now she pulled after her the charge of her unhappy parents, with all the power founded inside her tiny and tender body.

‘ Oh! I wonder if I can write another scenery for my life? Beyond this unclear and solitary horizon may I found some rays?
Whereas she was thinking another kind of life for herself, there the rays penetrated the fog to the sincere and pure face.

‘ Yes, yes, I get off you my flustered past and I go straight on with more courage! I renounce to your delusive warmness which you bring to my heart, I discard your influence!’

‘It’s me the woman from tomorrow: vehement, spontaneous, graceful and authentic, authentic in the hidden happiness through the way encumbrances…
The breaking of the acts authority, which has kept her closed in her darken shell, brought her quietude, hope and power to accept herself like she is and to keep going straight on with her glance up.

From now on every shadow has light too, every cloud has sun rays too, every rambling roadway has an escape route!

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