The grown up child…

One week ago I faced a beautiful challenge, a photo-shooting with a boy… since I mostly work with girls, every male presence in front of my camera it is an exciting moment as challenging as well. But, I think I did quite well and Abel did it perfect. The message behind those pictures is: “the child in every man´s heart and the man in every child´s heart” . When we are young, we long for becoming adults, we want to be free in order to do whatever we want and whenever we want to. The time passes by, we become adults and the inner child is talking quietly and loudly at the same time hoping we get to understand his message. The pictures are symbolical, every picture has its own story, however all the pictures share, in the end, the same idea, which keep pursuing the mankind for many years already- The grown-up child.

Abel played every role with patience and self-confidence, there were amusing, serious, childish and cold moments since the sun could not be up to the situation – it was a nice day.

Let’s see the pictures and read the story!

The grown up child

I am rushing through this old platform of my life looking for the perfect ride. I have been researching for many years and I still have to check up the schedules because I don’t know when train will come. I am still waiting for that one train for me. The remaining snow is reflecting the sun rays in the little railway station that has been dressed with the same shabby clothes for years, but their glitter highlights with ostentation every shadowed corner, that was alone until that very moment.

I am walking along with the hope of my heart with my mind burdened with plans and my thoughts are excited, excited about the eagerness for this charming beginning which seems to be crossing my path.

The mysteries and inquires from my mind are wandering disguised in gracious pictures where the train engine of my life is pulling after the lumbered wagons with intense fervor. It’s time…

I glance at it, I admire it… it is my train. It has accurately arrived to my life station with determination…

I am looking through the foggy windows by the uncertainty and I am searching with my mind eyes eager to find my safe place…

I am walking my path with the grass slept and tired by the life’s fuzzy trot. I could immerse my footsteps in its facile action to my nature, to fill my soul with the sad mysteries of the frozen earth letting it to dye once with the sunset… but No! I stay face to face with myself, I take the sun rays and through their light I paint my life.

Childhood with your fluffy clouds, charged with vivacity, power, will, courage, constancy, I am twiddling around you happy to have found you. I lean my dried branches  to the charming sap of your innocence which promises stories and mysteries reveals hidden under the mats colored by your candor.

I watch with a deep quietude my life, in an optimistic light, indelible from my soul, profoundly impressed by every meander which transformed the adult arrived at the “childhood maturity”!

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