Vorbeam cu Raluca ,intr-o seara, despre un chec, unul de sezon, cu dovleac copt. De atunci, vreo doua saptamani in urma, am inceput sa ma gandesc la alte fotografii. Mi-am imaginat scena, am dat comanda de ceea ce aveam nevoie, am cautat un loc si… tot asa pana cand ziua planificata de mine se apropia. Cu vre-o saptamana in urma mi-am dat seama ca nu voi gasi cladirea aceea veche pe care mi-o imaginam, apoi tamplarul m-a anuntat ca masa si scaunele mele nu pot fi terminate pana astazi iar miercuri – joi am aflat ca acel chec va fi, de fapt, o tarta, asa ca…. tot solutiile de ultima clipa m-au salvat.

Multumesc fetelor care accepta cu bucurie sa puna in practica ideile mele si multumesc lui Adi care a skiat mai putin azi, pentru a veni sa care paleti, sa faca o masa, sa ia poarta vecinului, sa duca dulapul din casa pe deal si multe lucruri marunte dar cu efect!

One evening I was talking to Raluca about a cake, one for this time of the year with baked pumpkin. Since then, well 2 weeks ago, I have started thinking about other photos. I have pictured it, I ordered what I needed, I searched for a perfect spot and so on so forth till the thought-out day was approaching. One week ago I have just realized that I could not find the old building I have been thinking of, moreover the carpenter told me the table and the chairs could not be finished till today and Wednesday-Thursday I found out that the cake would be actually a tart, therefore, the last-minute solutions saved me.

Thank you very much to my girls who always cheerfully accept to put into practice my ideas and thank my husband, who today skied less than usual just to bring the pallets, to build the table, to take our neighbour’s gate, to take our cupboard on the hill and many other important small things!

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